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Ruijie RG-S5750C-28SFP4XS-H


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Ruijie RG-S5750C-28SFP4XS-H

Highlight Feature

  • Rich port types, 28 x 1GE optical ports including 4 x combo ports, 4 x 10GE optical ports for uplink
  • VSU virtualization, flexible networking and high performance
  • Effortless adaptation for multiple services with seamless Layer 3 routing functionality, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission
  • Network security policies and real-time monitoring, delivering enhanced network robustness
  • Multiple management modes, simplified and easy network maintenance
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RG-S5750C-28SFP4XS-H Ruijie


Product Model RG-S5750C-28GT4XS-H RG-S5750C-48GT4XS-H RG-S5750C-28SFP4XS-H RG-S5750C-48SFP4XS-H RG-S5750-48GT4XS-HP-H
GE RJ45 port 28 48 8 (Combo) n/a 48
GE SFP port 4 (Combo) n/a 28 48 n/a
10GE SFP+ port 4 4 4 4 4
Card slot 2 2 2 2 n/a
Card type 1-port QSFP+ dedicated stack card 1-port QSFP+ dedicated stack card

4-port 10GE SFP+ interface card

1-port QSFP+ dedicated stack card 1-port QSFP+ dedicated stack card
4-port 10GE SFP+ interface card
ETH management port 1 1 1 1 1
Console port (RJ45) 1 1 1 1 1
Console port (Mini USB) 1 1 1 1 1
USB 2.0 port 1 1 1 1 1
Switching capacity 216 Gbps 256 Gbps 216 Gbps 256 Gbps 176 Gbps
Packet forwarding rate 162 Mpps 192 Mpps 162 Mpps 192 Mpps 132 Mpps
MAC table size 64,000 64,000 64,000 64,000 64,000
ARP table size 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Jumbo frame 9216 Bytes 9216 Bytes 9216 Bytes 9216 Bytes 9216 Bytes
Packet buffer 32Mbit 32Mbit 32Mbit 32Mbit 32Mbit
PoE power budget
n/a 1480W
(w/ 2 RG-PA1150P-F)
PoE/PoE+ enabled port 48
Standard IEEE802.3af/at
Dimensions(WxDxH) 440 X 280 X 44mm 440 X 300 X 44mm 440 X 300 X 44mm 440 X 340 X 44mm 440 X 420 X 44mm
440 X 450 X 44mm w/ PG-PA1150P-F
Unit weight 3.9kg 4.2kg 4.2kg 4.7kg 6.1kg
CPU 1GHz qual-core processor
Storage DDR4 1 GB; 512MB Flash Memory
Data packet buffer 4MB
Type Hot swappable
Redundancy 1+1 1+1 1+1 1+1 1+1
AC frequency 50/60Hz
Rated AC voltage 100~240V
Maximum AC voltage 90~264V
Rated HVDC voltage 240V DC
Maximum HVDC voltage 192~288V DC
Rated DC voltage -36V ~ -72V DC
Maximum power rating 140W 140W 140W 300W 2300W
Idle power rating 45W 45W 55W 100W 70W
Dissipation mode Air-cooled heat dissipation. Intelligent speed adjustment
Number of fan 3 3 3 3 3
MTBF(hours) 555960 513460 506320 523510 451400
Airflow Air flows in from the left and exhausts from the right
Safety EN 60960-1, IEC 60950-1 EN 60960-1
EMC EN 300 386
Emissions EN 55022, EN55032
Immunity generic EN 55024
ESD EN 61000-4-2
Radiated EN 61000-4-3
EFT/Burst EN 61000-4-4
Surge EN 61000-4-5
Conducted EN 61000-4-6
Power frequency magnetic field EN 61000-4-8
Voltage dips and interruptions EN 61000-4-11
Harmonics EN 61000-3-2
Flicker EN 61000-3-3
Anti-gas corrosion GB-T2423.51-2012(Refer to IEC 60068-2-60)
Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Operating humidity 10%~90% RH
Storage humidity 5%~95% RH
Operating altitude -500 ~ 5000m
Ethernet Full-duplex, Half-duplex, Auto negotiation, Flow control on interface, Jumbo frames, Link aggregation(IEEE802.3ad, LACP, maximum 8 member ports per AP), 2048 maximum aggregation ports, Load balancing, Broadcast storm control
VLAN IEEE802.1Q, 4094 VLAN ID, 4094 VLANIF interface, Access mode, Trunk mode, Default VLAN, Port-based VLAN, MAC-based VLAN, Protocol based VLAN, IP subnet-based VLAN, Voice VLAN, GVRP, Super VLAN, Private VLAN, Guest VLAN
MAC Automatic learning and aging of MAC addresses, Static and dynamic MAC address entries, Interface-based and VLAN-based MAC address learning limiting, Sticky MAC, MAC address spoofing guard
ARP Static ARP, Trusted ARP, Gratuitous ARP, Proxy ARP, Local proxy ARP, ARP trustworthiness detection, ARP-based IP guard
STP STP(IEEE802.1D), RSTP(IEEE802.1w), MSTP(IEEE802.1s), 64 MST instances, Port Fast, BPDU guard, BPDU filter, TC guard, TC filter, Root guard, Auto edge, BPDU transparent transmission, BPDU tunnel, VLAN-Specific Spanning Tree(VSST, working with PVST, PVST+ and RPVST)
ERPS G.8032 v1/v2, Single-ring, Tangent-ring, Intersecting-ring, Load balancing
L2 multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping, IGMP filter, IGMP fast leave, IGMP querier, IGMP security control, IGMP profile, MLD v1/v2 snooping, MLD filter, MLD fast leave, MLD source check
QinQ Basic QinQ, Selective QinQ(Flexible QinQ), 1:1 VLAN switching, N:1 VLAN switching VLAN mapping, TPID configuration, MAC address replication, L2 transparent transmission, Priority replication, Priority mapping
IPv4 unicast routing IPv4 static routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2, BGP4, MBGP, IS-IS, PBR, VRF, ECMP, WCMP, Routing policies, 12000 IPv4 routing table
IPv6 unicast routing IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4+, IS-ISv6, PBRv6, VRFv6, Packet–based load balancing and flow-based load balancing, 6000 IPv6 routing table
IPv6 feature ND(Neighbor Discovery), 10000 ND entries, ND snooping, 6 over 4 manual tunnel, 6 to 4 auto tunnel, ISATAP, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel, IPv6 over IPv6 tunnel, GRE tunnel (4 over 6), GRE tunnel (6 over 6), IPv6 extender option head, Manually configure local address, Automatically create local address, 0-64 bit mask, 65-128 bit mask
Multicast routing IGMPv1/v2/v3, MLDv1/v2, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, PIM-DMv6, PIM-SMv6, MSDP, MCE, IGMP proxy, MLD proxy, Multicast static routing, 8000 IPv4 multicast routing table, 4000 IPv6 multicast routing table
DHCP DHCP server/relay/client, DHCPv6 server/relay/client, DHCP option 43/82/138
MPLS MPLS labels and forwarding, LSP, LDP, Inter-domain LDP LSP
BFD Single-hop BFD, BFD for IPv4 static routes/OSPF/IS-IS/BGP4/VRRP/MPLS/PBR, BFD for IPv6 static routes/OSPFv3/IS-ISv6/BGP4+/VRRPv6/PBRv6
DLDP DLDP for IPv4 static routes/OSPF/BGP4/VRRP/PBR
RLDP Uni-directional link detection, Bi-directional forwarding detection, Downlink loop detection
VSU 9 VSU(Virtual Switch Unit) stacked members, 80Gbps maximum stacking bandwidth with service port VSL connection, Traffic balancing
REUP REUP(Ruijie Rapid Ethernet Uplink Protection Protocol) for dual uplink backup, VLAN load balancing
RNS RNS test for ICMP/DNS/TCP, Track support for RNS
Stream classification Classification based on IEEE802.1p/DSCP/TOS
Shaping Rate-limit on ingress/egress traffic on interface
Congestion avoidance RED, WRED, Tail drop
Congestion management SP, WRR, DRR, WFQ, SP+WFQ, SP+WRR, SP+DRR, 8 queue priorities per port
ACL entries 3500 IPv4/v6 rules
ACL type Standard IP ACL, Extended IP ACL, MAC-extended ACL, Time-based ACL, Expert ACL, ACL80, IPv6 ACL, SVI router ACL, ACL logging, ACL counter, ACL remark, ACL redirection, Security channel, Protected port, Port security
ARP security ARP check, DAI, Trusted ARP, ARP trustworthiness detection, Gateway-targeted ARP spoofing prevention, ARP rate-limit,
Attack defense CPP(CPU Protection Policy), NFPP(Network Foundation Protection Policy) guard for ARP/IP/ICMP/DHCP/DHCPv6/ND/Self-defined attack, URPF
IP IP source guard v4/v6, 3500 IPv4 source guard user capacity, 1500 IPv6 source guard user capacity
DHCP DHCP snooping, DHCPv6 snooping, DHCP snooping on option 82
IEEE802.1X IEEE802.1X port/MAC based authentication, Dynamic VLAN and ACL assignment, MAC authentication bypass
Web portal Ruijie 1st-Gen and 2nd-Gen portal authentication, Portal authentication/accounting, Portal detection and escape
Login CLI, Console, Telnet, Telnet for IPv6, SSH v1.5/v2.0, SSH for IPv6, SCP, SNMP-based NMS, Web-based UI, Fast deploy(Ruijie Cloud App), Cloud management
File Multiple boot configuration, Multiple firmware
Network Ping(v4/v6), Traceroute(v4/v6), sFlow, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, HTTP, HTTPS, RMON(1,2,3,9), CWMP(TR069), Syslog, MIB,
Application DNS client v4/v6, TFTP Server/Client, TFTP Client v6,  FTP Server/Client, FTP Server/Client v6, NTP Server/Client, NTP Server/Client v6, SNTP, EEE(IEEE802.3az), OpenFlow v1.0, OpenFlow v1.3, Hot patch, Z-PoE (Non-stop PoE)
Mirroring Many-to-one mirroring, One-to-many mirroring, Flow-based mirroring, Over devices mirroring, VLAN-based mirroring, VLAN-filtering mirroring, AP-port mirroring, SPAN, RSPAN, ERSPAN
Hardware monitoring Power supply monitoring, Fan status and alarm monitoring




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