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Peplink Balance 2500 EC


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Peplink Balance 2500 EC

Edge Computing at its Peak.

More than Triple the Speed

Bring 30 Gbps throughput to your network and provide a smooth stutter-free experience to your users.

A High Performing Powerhouse

The Balance 2500 EC is made to easily support over 10000 concurrent users. Provide connection to an entire region with a single device.

Dual Power Supplies

The device supports two hot swappable power supplies, which means you can connect a backup power source to keep your network running in the case of a power failure.

รหัสสินค้า Balance 2500 EC หมวดหมู่ ,



Balance 2500 EC Peplink

Edge Computing at its Peak.


Cellular No
Ethernet WAN 0-16 (GE)*
Ethernet LAN 0-16 (GE)*
Stateful Firewall Throughput 30Gbps
SpeedFusion VPN Throughput (No Encryption) 4Gbps
SpeedFusion VPN Throughput (256-bit AES) 4Gbps
Recommended Users 10000-20000+
Number of SpeedFusion VPN Peers 4000
Maximum Number of AP Supported 1500




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