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SSD PATRIOT VIPER VP4300 2TB M.2 : 9SE00115VP4300-2TBM28H


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SSD PATRIOT VIPER VP4300 2TB M.2 : 9SE00115VP4300-2TBM28H

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SSD PATRIOT VIPER VP4300 2TB M.2 : 9SE00115VP4300-2TBM28H

Evolutionarily built with a cutting-edge PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe controller, the Viper VP4300 gaming solid state drive is pushing expectations with incredibly high-speed Read and Write transfers, perfect for all gamers and tech enthusiasts. Equipped with DDR4 DRAM cache, the VP4300 gaming SSD enables higher timings compared to PCIe Gen3 x4 SSDs, resulting in blazingly fast quick start-up times. By providing superior reliability across data-heavy tasks and intense action-packed games, the VP4300 is the optimal choice for hardcore gamers. Designed with the best-in-class heatshield designs, the VP4300 series will include 2 new, low-profile heatshields. Users can choose between an asymmetric and unique aluminum heatshield design, giving users an edgy build, or a one-time use graphene heatshield to ensure excellent thermal dissipation to avoid overheating for tight spaces.







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