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Hoymiles HML-HMT-2000-4T


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Hoymiles HML-HMT-2000-4T

  • Microinverter HMT-2000-4T
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HML-HMT-2000-4T Hoymiles

Hoymiles new generation microinverter HMT-2000 series is designed to accommodate the high-powered PV modules, with maximum output power up to 2000 VA and maximum DC input current up to 16 A.
The innovative 4-input design enables faster installation and lower cost, and makes HMT-2000 series a very cost-effective choice.
The new Sub-1G wireless solution enables more stable communication with Hoymiles gateway DTU. Smart platform S-Miles Cloud makes it possible to module-level monitoring and remote O&M.


Dimensions: 326 × 222 × 40.6mm Max. input voltage: 65V
Rated output power: 2000VA Number of modules connected: 4
Commonly used module power: 400W to 670W+ MPPT voltage range: 16V–60V
Max. input current: 4 × 16A Number of MPPTs: 2



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